75th Annual Leadership Gala - Pasadena, TX - Pasadena Chamber of Commerce - Commercial Photography

75 years of leadership, countless memories and stories

Tarius Media took part in celebrating Pasadena Chamber of Commerce’s 75 years of leadership

75 years of leadership

December 3, 2015 – On this momentous occasion, Tarius Media along with a plethora of select representatives from every facet of the Pasadena, Texas community gathered together for a gala to participate in a celebration of precious memories. The memories this particular evening was commemorating were comprised of 75 years of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce’s unwavering community dedication and leadership. This evening was not just about celebrating the history of the Chamber of Commerce but the history and memories that have been made by its members. What’s more this was an occasion for celebrating the future of many new memories and stories waiting to be made.

Recognizing and recognition were the ties that brought all of us together for the celebration. The venue, the Pasadena Convention Center, was decorated in a fashion that ensured the event itself would always be remembered as part of the illustrious 75 years of history it was hosting within. Opulent table arrangements, scrapbooks filled with precious photographs, and portraits of key Chamber figures from the past and present were arranged with care. The venue itself was alive with music and reverberating with chatter from friends reuniting, faces being recognized for the first time in years, and stories recalled from memory lane. Back and forth memories were being created for the future as well as students from the community were helping to ensure the celebration was a success by providing a timely dinner service they had carefully orchestrated for the evening. Little did they know their contribution was twofold, while they were assisting in honoring the distinguished members who created the stories they grew up hearing about they were also carrying on these stories simply by being present this evening. We also added a contribution to this impromptu archive of achievement, this timeless time capsule, by sharing a short film to serve as a cornerstone for the festivities and help put into perspective why we were all gathered together.

75 years of countless memories

The evening and celebration concluded as quickly as the years we were celebrating were long. Members of the Chamber of Commerce were recognized with reverence for their service as part of the gala and new Chamber leadership was introduced and sworn-in making a footnote for the start of a new chapter, a new story, and an assurance of a future for these memories for many more years. This evening, this milestone culminated with the announcement of the Pasadena community’s Citizen of the Year: Dr. Kirk Lewis. It was his students who proudly served as an example this evening in representing what this celebration encompassed and embodied. Every person in attendance had a fragment of Pasadena instilled within them because after the gala they would be carrying on the Chamber of Commerce’s history and stories because they were a part of this milestone. On this evening Pasadena’s future glowed a little bit brighter – perhaps tomorrow the next Citizen of Year could be a person who was there to celebrate these 75 years of leadership and could serve as a reminder 75 years or more later that 75 years of leadership is only a number in comparison to the countless memories and stories that have been created along the way.