Business Milestones and Memories

The new year is almost here and with new years come new business milestones. Whether it’s your first year anniversary as a business or your fiftieth, these moments matter. These are not just simple moments you should be celebrating either. Think about it. If your business is open three hundred and sixty-five days a year that is three hundred and sixty-five days worth of memories your business has made.

Your clients and customers, your employees, you made an impact on them. It may not seem like much but a lot happens over the course of a year. That’s why milestones matter and that’s why you should celebrate them and capture these precious moments when you can. In this entry we will go over a few suggestions on how to best approach capturing your business milestones and achievements.

 1. Do sweat the small stuff: Thank everyone involved if it’s your first business milestone!
If it’s your business’ first anniversary then make the most of it by thanking your customers and employees, you couldn’t have made it this far without them!

Congratulations to you and your business’ first anniversary. It took a lot of hard work and time but your business has prospered. You couldn’t have done it on your own though. Your clients, customers, and employees did their part as well in supporting your business to help it reach the first of one of its major business milestones. They may even believe in you more than you believe in yourself at times. Nevertheless take the time to first personally thank everyone that you can for supporting both you and your business. One thoughtful way of doing so would be to send out personalized thank you cards. You could also take things in a new direction and utilize your social media channels to engage every one of your supporters, express your thanks and get your supporters to share their favorite experiences with your business. This will also give both you as well as prospective clients and customers insight into where your business excels.

75 years of countless memories

 2. Pictures speak a thousand words. Use them to highlight your business’ progress.
As the years go by document your success through yearly photographs to show how much you and your team have progressed. Before you know it your handful of photos could turn into a treasure trove of memories and stories.

The years go by and your business continues to see success. This would be the perfect time to start looking into professional business photography to keep track of all those precious moments in your business’ history. Before you know it one or two company picnic photographs could turn into a library full of stories waiting to be told in the not too distant future. For example, we were called upon by a city municipality to document a major event with our business photography and videography solutions in celebrating their seventy-fifth anniversary. You can only imagine how much value their collection of photographs from over the years held to them at this point. One or two photographs a year may not seem like much but give them time and they’ll not only grow in volume – they’ll grow in importance as well.

 3.Spare no expense for monumental business milestones. If it’s your gold anniversary then go for gold!
If your business has been successful for twenty-five years or more then you and your employees deserve more than just a pat on the back. Make the most of the celebration and capture it on film to inspire future prosperity for your business.

You never thought you’d see the day but here you are with twenty-five years or more of business success. Not that many organizations can say that they reached those business milestones. That is why these anniversaries are so significant, you’ve made countless memories and stories along the way and they’ve all lead up to this day. Anniversaries of this importance need to be recognized and remembered because there are so many memories and stories involved. Going back to our previous example we were called upon to produce a short film highlighting why that seventy-fifth anniversary was so important. Videography is an excellent medium for translating all that these moments embody because you have so many different forms of media from personal accounts to photographs and more to utilize in showcasing why these events matter. You not only highlight the past but you capture the present as well in order to inspire the future. Before you know it twenty-five years turn into fifty and fifty could turn into one hundred if you have the right inspiration such as these types of videos to motivate not just yourself but your business and employees to soar above the rest.

That’s a lot of factors for any big or small company to consider when business milestones come up but that’s just the very reason why they matter for your business. Hopefully these ideas serve as food for thought when your next business milestone is right around the corner. It may involve business photography or even videography to capture these precious moments but every single one is worth documenting in the end because of what has lead up to it. When you want your business to soar above the rest sometimes you just need the right inspiration to succeed, Tarius Media, The Digital Media Marketing Agency believes in you and with our solutions we can help you get to the next major business milestone.