Get your point across in 140 Characters on Twitter

Did you know 8 out of 10 people do not make the most out of the 140 character limit for Twitter? It may be hard to believe but you can create strong content and direct the conversation between you and your audience within 140 characters. Even though the box may seem too tiny for all you want to say it could still hold an incredible present within for you and your customers. In this entry we will go over helpful tips to ensure that you don’t waste any precious word space inside of this 140 character gift box.


1. Stay true to your business and base your content on your message
If you get to the heart of your message you can narrow your playing field and get to the point.

For our first tip, stay relevant to your business and consider what is at the heart of your brand and business’ message. What are the core values that power your team day-in and day-out? By finding those values and narrowing down your business’ key message you can develop a theme to base your Twitter content around. Once you have a theme it becomes easier to find all the words relevant to your business and get straight to the point with your audience.

So tip # 1: Stay relevant and find out what drives your company to base your Twitter content around it.


2.Resist the urge to abbreviate, annotate, or alter your word selection to meet 140
Your business only deserves the best so don’t cheat yourself by dropping letters from your words if low on space. Remember: You are worth it!

Our next tip is very self-explanatory: resist the temptation to remove letters from your words if you’re about to hit the character count. Your message matters so each word you choose for your message is just as important as the last so don’t cheapen it by dropping letters. If your message has to exceed the limit or if you know it cannot stay under 140 there are still friendly alternatives you can consider. Due to the immediate nature of Twitter it is perfectly fine to use a more familiar or friendly tone to cut down on using longer verbiage. You are a business but you can still keep things casual if the content of your message is not of a weighty nature.

So tip #2: Do not drop letters if you can’t stay under the limit. Be yourself or Bonus tip – use two tweets to get your message across.


3. Do not forget to wrap the message in your Twitter gift box with a hashtag bow
Hashtags are one of your best friends on Twitter. By using the appropriate # you can make yourself a part of the conversation and direct it!

Our third and final tip is a crucial element in ensuring your well-written Tweet gets heard by your customers. When and if applicable use your friend the hashtag to emphasize your message and wrap your gift with a nice bow that gets it noticed. Use a hashtag or tags (#) on words that are at the subject or topic of your message. If your message is about a special holiday sale then you would mention the word #holidaysale as appropriately as possible in your tweet. You should use hashtags with a steady hand of course, just like a present you really only need one bow because too many just looks silly. The hashtag(s) you use will then plug your tweet into the discussion whenever anyone searches for that word. This gets your message heard and allows you to begin directing the conversation with those who hear it the loudest and reply back.

So for our final tip #3: Hashtags are your best friend, use them with care and you’ll be heard and directing the conversation in no time!


So there you have it, this is proof positive you shouldn’t be afraid of the 140 character limit Twitter utilizes – you should embrace it! If you don’t believe us this entire blog entry was written using sentences that were 140 characters or less. Follow these helpful tips and soon your Twitter account will start seeing the impressive results that your business deserves. You are worth it and Tarius Media, The Digital Media Marketing Agency knows it, with our help you can soar above the rest.