Top 3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Website

Your business website is your online storefront to the world. It’s open 24/7/365. If your business isn’t presenting itself properly, it’s time to make a change. Having and maintaining a business website may seem daunting, however, the time spent creating your business presence with the right digital media marketing agency (*cough cough* Tarius Media), will minimize the time required and prove its worth. That is the message at the heart of this interview with business owner, web expert, and digital media marketing agency founder Tony Tarius. Let’s cut to the chase and get straight to what all business owners want to know about business websites:


Q: What is the top reason businesses need a website?

A: First and foremost what do you notice first? What does everyone notice first? Appearance.
The number one reason why all businesses need a website is Image. Whether you are a startup or an existing business, you want to project the right image to anyone who searches for it.

Q: What is another reason businesses need a website?

AIn addition to looking good, you need to be found on the web. The best designed website doesn’t serve its purpose if no one’s looking at it. The public internet hasn’t even been around twenty years, but it is growing exponentially. When businesses first started getting on the web, just having a website was a big deal. There are a lot of big name web service providers that promote a minimal fee to get business websites online and make it seem easy. The truth is there are no shortcuts and you get what you pay for. It takes a lot of research and a team of skilled personnel that have experience and are current on the latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to get found online these days.

QAnything else you can think of?
AI have been building websites almost since the internet took its first steps. Yet with all the latest advances and evolution of technology, websites are still a staple and customers still prefer to get their information from the source, not other channels. It’s as simple as that.


Q: Well said. Following that train of thought, out of those three reasons which would you say is the most important reason why a business needs a website?

A: That’s a loaded question, but a good question because it raises a good point: They’re all important because they all tie into each other. If you’ve already been found and your business is presenting the wrong image to visitors, then it will be off-putting and you miss out on potential customers. That’s an example of image being important. If you’re not getting found at all or you’re not on the top pages of search engines, then that’s an example of the importance of SEO. If you’re using social media in place of a website, you’re missing an entire avenue of web traffic.


Q: What do businesses miss out on when they don’t have a website?

A: All businesses should be focused on profit and revenue, without the website you miss out on these opportunities:

  • New customers
  • Increased revenue
  • Increased brand exposure
  • Increased brand awareness


Q: What other benefits does a website provide a business?

A: There are elements of a business website that allow it to inform the public on business happenings, for example, a blog. This leads into social media which companies could choose to integrate with their website. It allows the business to engage its customers where they’re most comfortable interacting. If a business isn’t chasing these opportunities, they get left in the dust.


Q: What makes a good business website?

A: The work you put into it. The website needs to appeal to the majority of viewers, be easily navigable, and serve the purpose of the business as well as that of their target market.


Q: And what would you say is the most overlooked aspect of a good business website?

: It’s like working out. You have to work hard, eat properly, and be consistent. Business owners need to understand their business and be involved. If they know what they want to accomplish we can make their website a reality and help them accomplish their goals. 



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